Thursday, April 23, 2009

woman next to me lying asleep in the couch

you had dark brown hair and incredibly pale skin. a beautiful face, european looking, maybe french, but your voice wasn't accented when you briefly spoke to the borders employee to tell him which books were yours.

you kept falling asleep and barely-waking-up. you wore a lavender/pinkish tank top with thick straps, and jeans. when you stood up there were a good three or four inches of your pink pale skin showing between your shirt and jeans.

you looked hurt, trying to recover from something, maybe.

i saw part of your plethora of books:
the strategy of war
the art of seduction
depressed & anxious: a workbook for dealing with depression and anxiety
and that book by norah vincent about being insane and in a mental hospital
and something about the written word vs. image

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